long time no see! {sof}

hey, guys. sorry we haven’t posted in a while – cohn & i have been busy over the summer (well, I have – i don’t know what her excuse is (yes i do, her computers dead (but she just got a new one (so.)))) anyways, we’re about to start regularly posting here and also doing youtube videos – we’re a bit new but please, check us out and maybe subscribe? that’d be great. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCo8zumnjtKGcFvcf2YN8yA => we’re |Pepper&Pearl|)

i’ve gotta go and post a video – so i’ll post more later! 





Hey lovelies, Emma here!
Okay so yes I am posting (sorry Sof!) but as you (don’t) know my computer is 99% dead (it’s about 6-7 years old) and it’s really hard to blog on my iPod. However, I did just order a new laptop yesterday (omg yayy) and I’m waiting for it to arrive. When it does, watch out world! YouTube videos, blog posts, etc. galore!
But until then (sadly), you’ll just have to wait.
Love you all oodles and oodles,

alone {sof}

|| it seems that cohn isn’t posting anymore, and so one must assume that I am alone. I don’t think any of you actually exist (comment to prove me wrong) so I’ll keep posting but it’s not so fun to post when no one’s reading. :-/ I’m hoping that some of you will comment, though, it’d be nice to have some friends. 

on a happier note, I’m almost almost almost done with my book! 😀 very exciting, I know – I probably only have about ten more pages, and then this 1 and 1/2 year journey will end – but hey, the journey of editing/drafting has only just begun! 

wish me luck! 🙂 are any of you writing books? comment please ||


About Me {sof}

You walk towards the bed, where the girl with the light brown hair sits, biting her lip and staring at her computer screen. As you go, she smiles at you, as if she remembers you from earlier visits. Hey, she says, Come here. Sit next to me – I want to get to know you. You shrug and go towards her.


hey, all! sof here, and i just read cohn’s post and realized i wanted to do a, you know, “get to know me” thing. i’m gonna do the 25 facts, so stay tuned (or leave if you’re bored. i get it).

1. i live in california (god, it’s so hot here).

2. my school ends tomorrow (whee!)

3. my best friend in the whole world is emma pearl cohn. 

4. i want to be a writer (i’m very, very close to finishing my book).

5. i love drawing (although i’m not that great at it)

6. i have a fascination with doing people’s hair (braids, buns, mostly)

7. i have two cats and a dog

8. my parents got divorced this year |:c|

9. i’m a netflix addict (house m.d., doctor who, psych, etc..)

10. i’m writing a collaborated book with cohn (it’s called h.e.r., and you all should buy it when we publish it)

11.  i speak fluent spanish

12. ^^because i lived in barcelona for a year

13. i have 2 piercings (ears)

14. wow there are a lot of these

15. john green is amazing.

16. usually, i stay up until midnight

17. haribo gummy peaches are life

18. i know 100+ digits of pi

19. i babysit (kids are so cute omg)

20. i’m single (sadly)

21. i’m excited for summer’s crop tops, high waisted shorts and flip flops

22. i love disney

23. panic! at the disco is beautiful (seriously)

24. i’m 3/4 way done with the book thief

25. i really hope you like our blog :3


thanks for reading 🙂